ILS & Technical information services

ILS & Technical information services

Accurate, complete, vessel-specific and easily accessible technical information for ships not only enhances safety and accessibility – it also reduces the total life-cycle cost. SSPA provides qualified services in the fields of ILS and technical information. Successful ILS work means that the end user has easy access to accurate documentation and relevant training, and that maintenance measures and the provision of spare parts are kept at optimum levels throughout the entire lifecycle.

SSPA has unique expertise and experience in managing the entire ILS and documentation process for vessel owners, shipping companies and defence organisations.

SSPA can assist in a number of ways, including information analysis, the production, quality assurance and efficient publication of technical information, as well as practical verification of maintenance measures on board vessels.

Integrated logistics support (ILS)

  • Project management
  • Logistics support analysis (LSA)
  • Life-cycle cost analysis (LCCA)
  • Level of repair analysis (LORA)
  • Follow-ups on ships’ systems and installation statuses
  • Tools and spare parts analysis
  • Information updates in maintenance systems
  • Training needs analysis (TNA)

Technical information services

  • Project management
  • Information analysis
  • Information modularisation and re-structuring
  • Creation and update of technical information and illustrations
  • Quality assurance of content
  • Verification and validation of on-board maintenance measures
  • S1000D Business Rules
  • S1000D CSDB capability
  • S1000D IETP capability
  • Shipdex™

System support & information management

  • S1000D databases and authoring systems
  • Publishing and deployment of IETPs – Interactive Electronic Technical Publications
  • Project management of large and complex documentation projects
  • Outsourcing of technical information:
    • Requirements specifications for technical information projects
    • Procurement and creation of technical information and illustrations
    • Update and maintenance of technical information
    • Distribution of technical publications (PDF, IETPs, and more)
    • Development of methods, processes and best practices