Chalmers Sports & Technology

High performance in sports are closely coupled to technology, both when it comes to new materials and motion analysis. SSPA and the Sports & Technology at Chalmers University of Technology are cooperating in one of the sports, sailing. Joint sports-related research projects in collaboration with athletes, trainers, sports associations, industry, research institutes and universities.

In the Olympic sailing classes, with small and lightweight dinghies for one or two people, the weight of the crew constitutes a considerable part of the total weight. Consequently, the behaviour of the boat depends largely on the placement and movement of the crew. Using advanced computer simulations, we can link different scientific fields – hydrodynamics, aerodynamics, rigid body motion, control engineering and fluid-structure interaction – and uncover new solutions to these complex problems.

The computer simulations, combined with ground-breaking water basin experiments performed at SSPA, provides new insights into Laser and Optimist sailing performance. Full-scale testing provides unique results pushing sailing forward!

Photo: The Swedish Sailing Federation. A Laser sailed at the venue for the 2012 Olympics in Weymouth by Swedish Olympian Rasmus Myrgren. 


Take a look at the video clip "Introduction to Sports & Technology" (by Chalmers University of Technology)