Northern LEAD

Northern LEAD

Northern LEAD is a logistics competence centre formed by the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology in co-operation with the Logistics and Transport Society LTS. Northern LEAD researchers have been cooperating with SSPA for a long time and several alumni PhD students are employed at SSPA.

Northern LEAD is based on five core research groups and associated professors from different disciplines. Currently the core research groups consist of 14 professors, and around 70 researchers and PhD students. The centre works as a facilitator and disseminator of high quality logistics research. It supports logistics collaboration and development by connecting academics, companies, authorities and other organisations. 

SSPA contributes with expertise

More than 75 years of experience and research in collaboration with universities, research organisations and industry place SSPA at the forefront of maritime research, development and innovation. The logistics researchers are involved in several research projects on the development of innovative logistics solutions and energy efficient vessel concepts for increased use of sea transportation, including inland and urban waterway transportation. 

For example, SSPA research and development efforts include projects that demonstrate the use of urban and inland waterways, investigate modal shift from road to sea transport, develop innovative logistics concepts for coastal and inland shipping, investigate the logistical consequences of the conflict in the container port terminal in Göteborg, and use AIS (automatic identification systems). 

Northern LEAD researchers have been cooperating with SSPA for a long time, and several of the current projects listed above involve Northern LEAD researchers. Also, several alumni PhD students are employed at SSPA, the most recent being Christian Finnsgård, Vendela Santén, Sara Rogerson and Martin Svanberg.