Marine Energy Conversion at SSPA

SSPA offers both several facilities for hydrodynamic testing and extensive experience in hydrodynamic design. SSPA can as such be of assistance for initial testing and evaluation or in the design optimization process for a device which are farther in the development process.

SSPA’s research and consultancy mainly revolves around  testing and design of structures and vessels in the marine environment, and the techniques used are much the same as is needed for Marine Energy Conversion. Therefore SSPA have worked for several years in research projects and as a consultant for various Marine Energy Conversion projects.

In MaRINET2 the following facilities can be utilized:

  • Towing tank
  • Maritime Dynamics Laboratory
  • Cavitation tank
  • Bridge simulator

Although not covered by MaRINET2 financing SSPA can also assist in:

  • Model manufacturing (Divinycell or carbon fiber)
  • Advanced measurement technique (Force, moment, servo, flow measurement, movement and more)
  • Hydrodynamic assessment and optimization

For further information or inquiry regarding testing at SSPA within the MaRINET2 programme, please contact

Michael Leer-Andersen

Phone: +46 31772 90 49

More information about SSPA is available at and more information regarding MaRINET2 at