This facility is for Marine Energy Conversion suitable for: 

  • Simulation of installation and service operations with regards to optimization, cost, sea state operational window, safety and risk.
  • Safety and risk assessment for Marine Energy Conversion Park environment

Desk top simulator

The desk top simulator is an efficient tool for simulations and analysis of maneuverability requirements and limits in various maritime infrastructure development projects. The output will directly support clients in their decisions of alternative layouts of ports, fairways and terminals. SSPA has decades of experience and records supporting clients world wide.

The desk top simulator is based on the SSPA’s well known and high quality maneuverability models. Access to relevant and validated mathematical models is always the utmost key factor for successful simulations. SSPA’s models originate from SSPA’s comprehensive data bank from model tests conducted during the last 60 years. The same advanced models are used in desk top as well as in full mission simulations.

SSPA provides advanced and flexible consultant services based on desk top simulations. Today SSPA’s experts cooperate closely with the client, at his office, while bringing this flexible desk top simulator stewed in a modern lap top. This opportunity further encourages a fruitful cooperation between the client and SSPA. Desk top simulations may also be seen as a supporting tool for full mission simulations services.

Compact Bridge Simulator

The SSPA Compact Bridge Simulator is developed for applications where high accuracy of the dynamic behaviour of marine vessels is essential.The simulator concept supports a broad variety of designs and it can easily be configured for almost any type of ship. The geographical areas used in the simulations can be either based on standard information as described in nautical charts, or specially designed for applications, e.g. investigations of new constructions, reconstructions, dredging, quay layouts etc. applications.

The Compact Bridge Simulator is built-up of modules, thus making it possible to configure a customised system usable for a specific application as specified by the client. The built-in system for pre-programmable traffic ships can be used to investigate interaction effects, e.g. ship meetings in open waters and in narrow channels.

Full Mission Bridge Simulator

SSPA Sweden AB and Chalmers University of Technology have established a strong and competent collaboration to jointly provide the international market with a comprehensive package of services in port and fairway development. The key elements in this collaborative effort are Chalmers new Full Mission Simulator and SSPA’s well-known and advanced ship models, which are also used for desktop simulations.

Together, the organisations provide a wide range of knowledge in risk analysis, ship manoeuvring, marine engineering, and human factors.