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Dedicated employees

dedicated employees

Dedicated employees

Our 115 employees have diverse backgrounds, represent 18 nationalities and as many languages, 24 PhDs and 2 Olympic medals. We all share a combination of expertise and passion for innovative sustainable maritime solutions.

Flying boat

Laura’s passion for wind powered vessels

Alongside her whole professional career Laura Marimon Giovannetti, now a senior researcher at SSPA, has also been an elite athlete in sailing, representing Italy and then the British Sailing Team at World and European championships. Now she works actively for Swedish Olympic success!
Petter Marcus SSPA

A legendary workshop

- What we do is unique in Sweden, if not the world, says Petter Marcus who builds boats from scratch at SSPA Maritime Center. It's a little difficult to explain to friends and acquaintances what I do, because when you talk about model building, people think of toy models. The ones we build are 7-8 meters.
Tobias Olsson

Life cycle modelling with a heart

- The main theme in my job has to do with the enormous change the shipping industry is facing today, says Tobias Olsson, project manager at SSPA. My focus is on the environment and the cost of reducing emissions. In short, I am doing life cycle modeling.