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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

A responsible partner

Through decades of research, innovation, implementation, and experience, RISE has acquired extensive knowledge about the maritime industry and its significance for the environment. With great knowledge comes great responsibility. The things we do and the choices we make influence the world around us. Knowledge is the tool with which we support our stakeholders. We offer a holistic overview as well as our specific expertise.

Economic responsibility

It is our duty and dedication to conduct our business in a way that secures responsible, ethical, and sound business principles. The profit that goes back to our owners is reinvested in research, for the benefit of the entire industry.

Social and ethical responsibility

Caring for the community means being an honest, reliable, responsible citizen, partner, and employer. We believe in long-term relationships with high integrity.

We depend on the uniqueness of our employees and put a lot of emphasis on providing safe working conditions, as well as a working climate that encourages every employee to reach his or her full potential.

Environmental responsibility

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. We strive to achieve optimum energy efficiency and create a sustainable future for the planet by linking economy, environment, technology, and people closely together.

This permeates the solutions we offer our clients – from different forms of energy saving to risk assessment and infrastructure planning. Our working methods are adjusted to minimize the environmental footprint and to achieve good occupational health and safety.

gender equality

Gender equality plan

We have a responsibility to support positive change through active efforts both within and outside our organization. And we take it seriously.