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SSPA Maritime Dynamics Laboratory

The Maritime Dynamics Laboratory (MDL) is one of the world's largest wave laboratories, 88 x 39 meters with a depth of 3.5 meters. It is used for tests of how different types of vessels behave in varying wind and wave conditions. The model tests are of great importance for the development of new vessels.

The MDL can also be used for assessing manoeuvring properties in waves. Model tests in oblique wave conditions play an important part when developing new hull forms for surface vessels. The angle of roll, degree of deck wetness, and course-keeping qualities of a vessel in bow, beam, and stern quartering seas are parameters that are difficult to predict accurately from theoretical calculations alone. Model tests in oblique seas, combined with simulations, have proved to be valuable tools in the study of ship projects.

The computer controlled, multi-motion carriage, spanning the whole basin, offers unique possibilities for conducting captive or free sailing manoeuvring tests. In captive manoeuvring tests, the facility can be used to perform both large-amplitude PMM tests and rotating arm tests, without having to change the set-up between the tests.

For free sailing tests, the width of the basin allows most manoeuvres to be performed with fairly large models, thus reducing the influence of scale effects. The MDL is also a very useful tool when determining whether a new or existing project fulfils the IMO regulations concerning turning ability and yaw checking. Course keeping abilities can also be studied.