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Wind Propulsion Showroom Turkey 2024
Welcome to the Wind Propulsion Showroom
6 Feb 2024
RISE invites to a one-day meeting on WIND PROPULSION in Tuzla, Turkey.
Welcome to SWOPP
Welcome to SWOPP - register now!
4 Dec 2023
Registration for SWOPP still open! A project for all organizations working with performance predictions of wind-powered...
Michael Leer-Andersen showing the towing tank at SSPA Maritime Center
Antifouling conference highlights SSPA Maritime Center
14 Sep 2023
Some 60 delegates at the ongoing International Antifouling Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden, today visited RISE test...
RISE-Korean research collaboration agreement
RISE-Korean research collaboration agreement
6 Sep 2023
Representatives of four Korean research organizations and research financiers have signed a cooperation agreement with...
Vilma Bobeck and Rebecca Netzler, proud gold medalists
RISE helps achieving Olympic medals
31 Aug 2023
The Swedish sailing team came home from the recent unified World Sailing World Championship with a gold (FX), a bronze...
World’s first: Wind propulsion on a chemical tanker
28 Aug 2023
Norwegian shipping company Odfjell turned to RISE to investigate different wind propulsion systems.
Development of logistics system for carbon capture and storage (CCS) in the Swedish cement industry
Development of logistics system for carbon capture and storage (CCS)
28 Aug 2023
Fostering the development of logistics system for carbon capture and storage (CCS) in the Swedish cement industry.
Sofia Werner demonstrating an early version of the Orcelle concept in the maritime dynamics laboratory at SSPA  Maritime Center
Visitors from the Council of the European Union listening to Lars Gustafsson demonstrating a demo test in the towing tank at SSPA maritime Center
EU visit highlights Swedish maritime research
26 May 2023
A visit to RISE’s test facilities SSPA Maritime Center from the Council of the European Union highlights the urgent need...
ELINN is in the water
Foiling Electric Rescue Boat - ELINN is in the water!
28 Mar 2023
The first prototype/6 meter / 0.6 scale demo-platform in the project ELINN has now touched water.
Armada of windships
BBC documentary: Wind-powered ships
16 Mar 2023
A new BBC documentary focuses on how giant sails could make shipping greener and in particular the Oceanbird project.
Orcelle Wind
World's first wind-powered RoRo vessel secures EUR 9M in EU funding
20 Jan 2023
Eleven project partners have secured a Horizon Europe funding totalling EUR 9m to support building a RoRo sailing vessel...
wind propulsion showroom
Wind propulsion is in the air
23 Nov 2022
SSPA has hosted the event Wind Propulsion Showroom. Over 50 ship owners, operators and technology providers participated...
Sofia wins Best Paper in Korea
Wind Ship - Best paper award to Sofia Werner of SSPA!
10 Nov 2022
Sofia Werner, Lead Researcher Hydrodynamics and Wind Powered Ships at SSPA, wins the Best Paper Award at the Global...
Containership on the Kiel canal
The importance of collaboration in shipping
25 Oct 2022
A new report on results from a research project conducted by IVL, SSPA and Green Consulting Group explains the...
sspa wind project
Wind-powered ships
8 Sep 2022
Wind propulsion has by now become a viable option to reduce fuel costs and CO2 emissions. With a vast experience of wind...
Overseas Korean Science and Technology Award
2 Aug 2022
Very proud to announce that Dr. Keunjae Kim, senior researcher at SSPA, has been awarded the Overseas Korean Science and...
Offshore Wind
SSPA Offshore Wind
14 Jul 2022
For the past four decades, SSPA has been an independent provider supporting the maritime industry with quantitative and...
flying boat palma
Flying ships
4 Jul 2022
Soon, electric passenger ferries skimming above the surface across the seas may become a reality. Researchers at SSPA...
Emission-free sea rescue
Emission-free sea recue
3 Jun 2022
Together with the Swedish Sea Rescue Society, SSPA with partners are developing prototype boats to demonstrate what an...
Royal visit highlights wind propulsion
Royal visit highlights wind propulsion
5 May 2022
Putting wind propulsion in the spotlight, SSPA was recently visited by HRH the Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, HRH...
1 Apr 2022
We have a new owner! RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden, operates under similar conditions to SSPA, with a combination...