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1 Apr 2022

We have a new owner! RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden, operates under similar conditions to SSPA, with a combination of public and commercial research and development activities. Furthermore, RISE has the expertise and client base that match SSPA in a way that is beneficial for all involved.

So, we now join forces to develop RISE Maritime. For clients, partners and colleagues this means business as usual. And greater potential. We will be able to offer a wider range of expertise, experience and infrastructure. All in tune with our mission to provide reliable solutions for a sustainable and resilient maritime future.

Pia Sandvik, CEO of RISE, comments:
- I warmly welcome SSPA to RISE and look forward to following the development closely. SSPA conducts internationally recognized, high quality maritime research, and will be a strategically important reinforcement for RISE’s existing maritime operations.

Stefan Eliasson, CEO of SSPA, continues:

- As part of RISE, SSPA will continue to be a leading international partner for a sustainable and resilient maritime future. The combination of SSPA:s proven record as a provider of excellent maritime solutions and RISE significant cross industry experience will create a maritime partner with the ability to lead the way towards a fossil-free shipping industry.