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Welcome to SWOPP - register now!

4 Dec 2023
Welcome to SWOPP

SWOPP is a benchmark project for all organizations working with performance predictions of wind-powered and wind-assisted ships. Registration is still open!

Currently the following 18 organisations have joined SWOPP: ABS, Alfawall Oceanbird, Cape Horn Engineering, UK Caponnetto-Hueber, DNV, Fraunhofer, Houlder, HSVA, Hyundai Heavy Industries, IBMV Maritime Innovationsgesellschaft, Korean Register, MARIN, Nakashima, NTNU, Pusan University, RISE, Samsung Heavy Industries, Shanghai Ship and Shipping Research Institute, and SINTEF Ocean.

How does it work?

The organizers will provide data of two generic ships. All participants predict the performance with their respective tools and submit the results to the organizers. A description of the prediction method may be submitted along with the results, but this is not required. The results from all participants will be compared and presented in an anonymized form. By the end of each project part, participants are invited to a workshop, where the results will be discussed. Finally, there is the option to contribute to a joint publication. 

Test cases

Two generic ships will be designed for the workshop: 
Ship 1:  A wind-assisted full block vessel with multiple rotors. 
Ship 2: A primary wind-powered low block vessel with generic wing sails. 


The following results will be compared: 
- Power saving at a range of true wind speeds, true wind angles, and ship speeds 
- Average power saving for a given route (for Ship 1) 
- Energy saving for a given crossing time using weather routing (for Ship 2) 

Note: There will be no validation data available. The purpose of the exercise is to compare predictions from various methods and discuss the spreading.  


The organizers will provide all input required to conduct the calculations including 3D geometry definitions of hull and wind propulsion systems.  


31.03.2024 Submit results of Ship 1  
30.04.2024 Mid-term online meeting, present results of Ship 1, Start Ship 2
30.08.2024 Submit results of Ship 2 
15.10.2024 Final meeting at RISE SSPA Maritime Center, Göteborg
Presentation of results and discussions on methods.  
Plan for joint publication 
Facility tour, networking and social activities 

Fees Part 1 (Ship 1 only) € 2,000
Part 2 (Ships 1 & 2) € 5,000; includes in-person meeting in Göteborg 

50% discount for enterprises with fewer than 10 employees and universities 

Registration Email your interest to:

Sofia Werner
Sofia Werner
Lead Researcher Hydrodynamics and Wind Powered Ships
Frederik Gerhardt
Frederik Gerhardt
Lead Naval Architect, Aerodynamics and Wind-Powered Ships