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Offering maritime solutions for shipowners, ports, shipyards, design companies, system suppliers and maritime authorities worldwide



Wind-powered ships. Hydrodynamic Design & Verification. Environment, Risk & Operation. Integrated Logistics Support & Technical Information. Naval Architecture & Systems Engineering. Maritime Logistics. Research, Innovation & Development.

Flettner rotor

Wind-powered ships

The international shipping industry is in for some radical changes, and wind propulsion has by now become a viable option to reduce fuel costs and CO2 emissions. RISE gives independent guidance and assessments of wind-powered ships.
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Hydrodynamic Design and Verification

Decision support, Design, Optimisation, Simulations/Computations and Validation/Verification of hydrodynamic, hydroacoustic and aerodynamic performance - based on experience from over 8000 hull forms, 2000 propellers and 80 years of consulting.

Environment, Risk & Operation

S upporting our clients for safe, environmental and efficient maritime operations by combining technical and operational maritime knowledge. We reduce risks, costs and environmental impact.
Naval architecture engineering

Integrated Logistics Support & Technical Information

Accurate, complete, vessel-specific and easily accessible technical information for ships not only enhances safety and accessibility – it also reduces the total life-cycle cost.
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Naval Architecture & Systems Engineering

SSPA provides services in the areas of ship design, submarine designs, acoustic signature, vessel testing, systems engineering and maritime operations. Our expertise in hydrodynamics, underwater acoustics and simulations is used in the design of ships and marine structures, and in the development of simulators.
Maritime logistics

Maritime Logistics

Maritime Logistics include port logistics, zero emission shipping applications, urban logistics, transport efficiency, modal shift from road to sea, resilient supply chains, operations management and traffic analysis.

Research, Development & Innovation

Through international collaboration with industry, academia and the public sector, we ensure business competitiveness and contribute to a sustainable society.