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Environment, Risk & Operation

Supporting our clients for safe, environmental and efficient maritime operations by combining technical and operational maritime knowledge. We reduce risks, costs and environmental impact.

Christian Schell
Christian Schell
Head of Strategic Development – Maritime Environment, Risk and Operation
wind power at sea


To reduce the environmental impact of shipping and maritime operations, there is not one but many solutions. SSPA provides unbiased analysis and advice, ensuring that your decisions are based on the best available knowledge as well as individual needs and circumstances. 

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Based on acknowledged standards and guidelines in combination with elaborated tools, SSPA offers risk assessment which enables identification of risk mitigation measures in future and present business. Furthermore, we offer support in various types of permitting processes.

SSPA operations


Elaborated maritime operations is key to deliver and develop commercially viable, safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly services. Our support to your needs is based upon both a general and an in depth understanding of maritime operations, our own core data, simulations, and big data analysis.