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Hydrodynamic Design and Verification

SSPA offers independent services to ship owners, ship designers, ship builders, systems suppliers, consultants, authorities, and other maritime operators. Our objective is to provide customised solutions using extensive know-how, advanced calculation methods, and scale model tests that will benefit the customer in a technical, quality, cost, and time efficient way.

New methods and tools are constantly being developed in-house, often in collaboration with the international community.

Lars T Gustafsson
Lars T Gustafsson
Vice President, Maritime Sales
Magnus Wikander
Magnus Wikander
Head of Strategic Development, Maritime Hydrodynamics

Hydrodynamic decision support

In the fast-changing world the complexity is greater than ever. The challenge to fulfil all regulations and still keep a profitable operation call for many decisions. SSPA support you in your process forward.


Hydrodynamic design and optimization

Design and optimization require tools, skills, and experience. SSPA perform hydrodynamic design and optimization of all kinds of single and multi-propulsor vessels, including mono and multi-hull ships ESD, foils, sails and more.


Hydrodynamic simulation and computation

Simulation and computations of all kinds of hydrodynamic phenomenas. Using advanced tools and combined methods calibrated against our databases for best customer support. Simulation of performance over a route taking into account ship performance, assisting propulsion devices, environment and weather.


Hydrodynamic validation and verification

In close combination with numerical tools and methods, physical model testing plays an important role in the process of developing ships and assessing their performance.