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Ship fouling

Skin Friction database

The Skin Friction database is a tool and database which facilitates fast and reliable prediction of skin friction and increase in fuel consumption for vessels with surface roughness often seen in the maritime industry.

The database is freely available at (please open with Google Chrome).

To use the database a login is required. Please follow this link for registration form.

The database mainly consists of 4 parts

1. Skin Friction Measurements on relevant surfaces from SSPA and other laboratories to link surface roughness from vessels to skin friction

2. Extrapolation to full scale

3. Fuel consumption evaluation tool

4. Interactive database

Based on sea trials on vessels the accuracy of the database has been evaluated. 

The database is presented in an interactive manner where a few inputs readily available for a vessel along with a choice of a previously measured surface is needed to estimate fuel increase or decrease compared to a reference surface.

The project is financed by Interreg-ÖKS, Region Västra Götaland and the Swedish Energy Agency.

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Michael Leer Andersen
Michael Leer-Andersen
Project Manager