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Value2Sea – improving transport chains in Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak

Modal shift can help reduce congestion and emissions in cities. The use of new technologies can reduce barriers for shifting goods from road to sea, by increasing efficiency of maritime transport chains.

The Value2Sea project develops and shares knowledge regarding logistics solutions to support modal shift, such as dry port operations and use of waterways.

  • 19 partners
  • 3 countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden)
  • Financiers: Interreg, Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak, European Regional Development Fund 
  • Project period: 2019-2022

The Value2Sea project aims to identify improvements in the transport chains of the Öresund -Kattegat - Skagerrak region through the use of new technologies, logistics and transport concepts (including dry-ports) for the benefit of the environment and congestion in an economically viable way. Improvements are identified through analyses, calculations, simulation models, etc. based on data collected from partners and external sources as well as knowledge collection from other projects and research results. The project aims to improve decision-making for both actors and authorities in the launching of concrete actions.

SSPA contributes to development of strategies and logistics solutions that can reduce congestion and emissions, for example through the use of waterways and dry ports, and through better capacity utilization. The project also develops strategies and models regarding effects of digitalization in the transport system, for example on turn-around time in ports.

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Sara Rogerson
Sara Rogerson
Senior Researcher and Project Manager
Christian Finnsgård
Christian Finnsgård
Head of Maritime Research at RISE
Vendela Santén
Vendela Santén
Strategic Manager Sustainable Maritime Logistics