Simulation centres in the European Maritime Simulator Network (EMSN) during the STM Validation Project.

Creating a safer and more efficient maritime sector

The STM Validation Project will demonstrate the STM concept in large-scale test beds in both the Nordic and Mediterranean Seas, encompassing around 300 ships, 13 ports and 5 shore based service centres as well as using the European Maritime Simulator Network – EMSN. The key strategic enablers of STM will be tested and validated. The STM Validation Project has a total budget of approximately 43 million euro and runs from 2015-2019 (project extension from December 2018 to June 2019).

  • Over 50 partners
  • 13 countries
  • Private, public and academic sector involved
  • 43 million Euro budget
  • Co-financed by the European Union.
  • Project period: 2015 until June 2019

SSPA is developing tools for route planning, ship movement prediction and detection of unsafe behavior. The European Maritime Simulator Network (EMSN), is now testing and validated different services as part of, probably, the worlds’ largest maritime test. The services offered are “route optimisation”, ”monitoring services”, ”port call services” and ”ship-to-ship route exchange” leading to increased safety, higher efficiency and reduced environmental impact. A large part of the work relies on AIS data processed with the SSPA EGAC (enterprise GIS analytics cluster), which capacity has evolved dramatically during the last few years.
SSPA’s experts has also been involved in the EU project MONALISA 2.0, during 2013-2015, and then defined different systems and tested them within relatively small scale. SSPAs experts were involved and engaged in different parts of the project. To reduce the risk for collisions, SSPA has developed a route optimizer that creates a voyage plan that also minimizes conflicting traffic situations. SSPA has also developed a novel grounding warning system, learning from historical AIS-data and improved the methods for risk analysis. 

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The concrete use of services is demonstrated. M/S Validator is sailing from New York to Umeå, Sweden. During her voyage she benefits from several STM services and interacts with a shore centre and the port.