DenCity is a Swedish project that develops innovative solutions for sustainable and highly efficient passenger and freight transport in densely populated cities. It is a collaborative project between industry, academia and society in three phases. Phase 3 is ongoing, and the objective is to scale up and implement solutions already developed in earlier phase 2. The project started in 2015 and phase 2 was completed in August 2018. Phase 3 will be evaluated in late 2020.

  • 27 partners from Sweden, led by CLOSER at Lindholmen Science Park.
  • Co-funded by the Swedish innovation agency, VINNOVA and the participating partners. VGR partly funds SSPA’s part.
  • Project period: Phase 1 (preliminary study) during 2015. Phase 2 during 2017-2018. Phase 3 during 2019-2020.

SSPA is an active partner. Our experts planned and coordinated the demonstration for the project in phase 2. All data, such as time for transportation and cargo operations, deviations from the expected time, fuel consumption, noise and costs were collected and carefully monitored, analysed and evaluated by our researchers. Read more at Final Report DenCity 2.

In phase 3 SSPA will contribute to demonstrate and implement services and concepts for a floating recycling centre. In this pilot, a barge will be designed to collect waste and items for reuse. Different kind of waste such as combustible and non-combustible coarse waste, hazardous waste and electronics will be handled. People living in the city of Gothenburg, will be able to get rid of their items by using the waterways, visiting the barge, instead of transportation by car to the regular recycling centre. The purpose of this pilot is to investigate the prerequisites for reducing car dependency through deliveries for larger volumes on the waterways. 

Read more at the project website: DenCity 3


The objective is to scale up and implement solutions for sustainable transport in dense urban areas with a high demand on attractiveness, accessibility and sustainability. Illustration: Closer.

A demonstration of innovative solutions for sustainable mobility on waterways