The purpose of the research project GreenPilot was to demonstrate that introduction of methanol as a fuel for smaller ships can improve competitive power and reduce the environmental impact. By converting pilot boat 729 to methanol operation, the GreenPilot project has successfully demonstrated bio-methanol as a fuel for the smaller vessel segment. By paving the way both technically and from a regulatory perspective GreenPilot has opened up new opportunities in clean coastal shipping and further profiled Sweden as a cutting edge player in green propulsion.

  • 5 partners
  • 1 country (Sweden)
  • Private, public and academic sectors involved
  • Co-financed by the Swedish Maritime Administration, the Swedish Transport Administration, and the Methanol Institute.
  • Project period: 2016 until 2018

SSPA is a partner in the GreenPilot project along with project owner SMTF, ScandiNAOS, the Swedish Transport Administration, and the Swedish Maritime Administration. SSPA has contributed with expertise in environmental performance assessment and evaluation of the GreenPilot conversion concept.

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