AQUO (Achieve QUieter Oceans by shipping noise footprint reduction)

AQUO was a collaborative European research project in the scope of the 7th framework program. The research projects objective was to find solutions to mitigate underwater noise footprint due to shipping, to prevent negative consequences to marine life. Maritime traffic and activity at sea increases steadily, causing underwater noise which can have major impact on marine fauna. The aim for the project was to provide practical guidelines to policy makers, acceptable by shipyards and ship owners. The AQUO consortium involved 13 partners including ship industry, specialised companies, a classification society, research centres and academics. 8 European countries were represented.

  • 13 partners
  • 8 European countries (Spain, France, Sweden, Italy, United Kingdom, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium)
  • Society, research centres and academic sectors involved
  • Project period: 2012 - 2015

SSPA´s role in the project was improvements and validation of models and methods to predict radiated noise from ship propellers, accounting for cavitation and interaction effects.

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AQUO was a collaborative research project supported by the European Commission in the scope of the 7th framework program, Grant Agreement N° 314227.