Inland Waterway Transport Solutions (IWTS)

IWTS 2.0 is a project co-funded by the North Sea Region Programme 2017 - 2021. Inland waterway transport offers relatively slow, cheap, climate friendly hinterland transport alternatives for commodities transported in large quantities or bulk. Many waterways in Europe remain widely un-/underused in the past decades. By piloting eight small waterway modal shifts, the project will showcase proven concepts that can be adopted by the market.

  • 11 partners from 5 countries
  • Funded by Interreg North Sea Region, European Regional Development Fund. Swedish co-funding by VGR and VINNOVA.
  • Project period: 2017 -2021.

SSPA’s contribution is to develop innovative logistics concepts for coastal and inland shipping in Sweden that looks beyond concurrent limitations of existing business models, legislation, goods flow characteristics and vessel concepts. The Swedish part of the project, coordinated by SSPA, consists of six work packages, which together create a holistic picture of how innovative logistics concepts can be developed for coastal and inland shipping: (1) Project management (2) Business models (3) Regulations and incentives, (4) Goods flow mapping (5) Vessel concepts and (6) Innovative logistics concepts.

Swedish project partners are Gothenburg University, Avatar Logistics and Seadvise. Involvement of relevant stakeholders and participants is central to the project in order to understand the actors’ perspectives and develop practical relevant solutions. Therefore, a number of Swedish actors are involved in the reference group: shipowners, ports, logistics operators, goods owners, authorities and municipalities.

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