MaRINET2 partners

Leading access to marine research facilities

The project MaRINET2 (Marine Renewables Infrastructure Network) is composed of 39 organisations who collaborate to progress offshore renewable energy technologies in Europe. It aims to accelerate the development of offshore renewable energy technologies, wave, tidal and offshore wind energy technologies and infrastructure by providing free-of-charge access to a network of 57 test facilities across 13 European countries. Access will be granted through a series of competitive calls for applicants. MaRINET2 is funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme and are coordinated by the MaREI (Marine and Renewable Energy Ireland) Centre in University College Cork.

  • 39 partners
  • 13 countries
  • Private, public and academic sector involved
  • The European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme
  • First call starts April 10 2017 and last call ends 30 March 2021

SSPA have long seen Marin Energy Conversion as an important contribution to a worldwide renewable energy system, and have offered and completed several consultancy and research projects within the sector in recent years. SSPA is in a unique position to offer qualified help within design (both structural and hydrodynamic), testing, simulation and risk analysis. SSPA can offer assistance within the entire design phase.

Read more about SSPA’s involvement in MARINET2 at or visit for general information.