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Maritime Human Factors

The human factors and user researchers at SSPA take a human-centred approach to research & development. The topics of the national and international projects they are involved in range from the design and operation of innovative marine vessels to the development and testing of novel technologies onboard and ashore, the digitalization of maritime-related information, the automation and electrification of ships and ports, etc. The projects have significant involvement from the industry, academia and public institutions, facilitating utilization of research results.

Specific areas of interest include:

* Stakeholders’ requirements in procurement processes

* Human-centred design including human-machine interaction and usability/UX testing

* Market research, socio-technical systems studies and sustainable technology adoption

* Social sustainability studies regarding e.g. the impact of technologies on groups and communities

* Interventions towards sustainable behaviours (e.g. human well-being and environmental aspects)

* Organizational work environment design (e.g. training programmes, scheduling of work-shifts)

* Safety and risk assessments

* Working conditions and psychophysical effects on vessel occupants, impact on operators’ well-being and performance


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