Ocean Energy Conversion

Ocean Energy Conversion

Ocean Energy Conversion (OEC) is an area of electricity production extracting the energy from the oceans, where the most common sources are ocean tides or current, ocean waves or wind from floating wind power plants. It is a renewable form of energy and often more stable than for instance wind power or solar cells on land, and the potential is almost limitless compared to worldwide needs.   

SSPA is involved in several research projects within the area of OEC with national, EU or Interreg funding and for the time being to a lesser degree in commercial projects with OEC devices.

SSPA’s knowledge within hydrodynamics, model design, testing, measurement techniques, CFD and availability of test facilities such as towing tank, Marine dynamics Laboratory and Cavitation tunnel allows SSPA to be a valuable partner for the development of OEC devices.

Areas where SSPA are actively involved:

* Model design and manufacture, with emphasis on correct scaling and model quality to a standard ensuring good test results.

* SSPA’s test facilities of OEC devices allows testing of all types, being for example tidal turbines (either towing tank of cavitation tunnel), wave point absorbers in waves

* (MDL) or testing of floating wind power in waves, wind and current

* CFD (Computation Fluid Dynamics) is a valuable tool to validate, understand and improve designs especially tidal turbines where waves is not a concern.

Relevant projects:

* Nemmo – Testing, design and validation of Magellan’s tidal turbine (H2020).

* Marinet II – SSPA is part of this project as a test facility, meaning that SSPA offers access to test facilities free of charge for the OEC developer (H2020)

* OESA – OESA is short for Ocean Energy Scale-up Alliance, and facilitates assistance to developers in any form that will accelerate development towards demonstration and production (Interreg NorthSea)

* PowerKite – Development of Minesto’s Deep Green tidal turbine, especially cavitation tunnel testing and CFD have been completed in this project (H2020)

* Cost effectiveness of Ocean Energy Conversion – Also development on Minesto’s Deep Green device, with focus on rudder design and anchoring (Swedish Energy Agency).