Sustainable Maritme Logistics

Sustainable Maritime Logistics

The logistics researchers at SSPA are involved in several national and international research projects on the development of innovative and sustainable logistics solutions and transport concepts including trans-ocean, coastal, inland and urban waterway transportation.

There is a strong focus on industry involvement in all research projects emphasizing the importance of knowledge exchange between practice and research, facilitating utilization of research results. There is also academic contribution, where publication of research results in academic journals makes it possible to be part of the latest scientific discussions.

Areas of interest include:

* Investigate modal shift from road to sea transport, such as how short sea and inland shipping can be used to a larger extent.

* Demonstrate the use of urban and inland waterways, where demonstration of new logistics solutions has been used as research method to identify for example critical issues towards commercialization.

* Develop methods to improve transport efficiency in logistics systems, such as managing empty container positioning and increase capacity utilization in supply chains.

* Managing risk and resilience in supply chains, for example in the covid 19 pandemic situation and other disruptions, like port conflicts.

* Port development in relation to the Swedish transport system and sustainability. In this area digitalization and electrification (e.g. on shore power supply) are key areas as well as the role of ports when attracting new goods flows to shipping (modal shift).

* Zero-emission and low-carbon transportation concepts, such as wind powered shipping and alternative fuels, and their implementation in shipping companies’ operations and cargo owners’ supply chains.

A selection of publications:

* Rogerson, S., Santén, V. and Sallnäs, U. (2021) The Influence of Power and Trust on the Initiation and Duration of Modal Shift Solutions. Sustainability, 13, 3757

* Svanberg, M., Holm, H. and Cullinane, K. (2021) Assessing The Impact of Disruptive Events on Port Performance and Choice: The Case of Gothenburg, Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 9 (2), 145

* Svanberg, M. (2020) Guidelines for establishing practical relevance in logistics and supply chain management research, International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management

* Williamsson, J., Rogerson, S. and Santén, V. (2020) Business models for dedicated container freight on Swedish inland waterways. Research in Transportation Business and Management, 35, 100466

* Svanberg, M., Santén, V. and Hörteborn, A. et al (2019) AIS in maritime research.  Marine Policy. 106

* Svanberg, M., Ellis, J.,  Lundgren, J., and Landälv, I. (2018) Renewable methanol as a fuel for the shipping industry, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 94, 1217-1228

* Santén, V.  and Rogerson, S. (2018) Shippers’ transport efficiency: An approach for measuring load factor, Logistics Research 11 (3).


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