efficient access management

DREAMIT 2.0 Efficient access management

DREAMIT 2.0 is a research project that will investigate how efficient access management can reduce turnaround times for trucks and trains in port terminals through an automated exchange of relevant information.

Poor exchange of information in today's intermodal transport systems means high costs, long queues and waiting times and a negative environmental impact when unloading and loading containers in port terminals. When trucks and trains arrive at port terminals, they often do not have access to the right containers at the right times. This is due to trucks arriving unannounced at port terminals, which means that the terminal operators cannot prepare their arrivals. The trains follow predetermined timetables but cannot inform the port terminals of new arrival times in the event of delays.

DREAMIT 2.0 will investigate how relevant information can be exchanged automatically between vehicle and terminal, so that it is not perceived as stressful for drivers. Research questions of relevance are: What does such a service look like and how can it be implemented? What could the business models look like regarding efficient access management?

The project will develop automatic information sharing, develop business models, and measure and evaluate the frameworks that have been implemented in the previous project DREAMIT, which have not yet been measured and evaluated.

Participating parties are SSPA together with the Gothenburg School of Economics, AB Consenso, APM Terminals Gothenburg AB, Volvo, GDL Transport AB, Tjörns bilservice, Vänerexpressen i Sverige AB, and EVRY Sweden AB.