To be able to make the right decisions, or at least minimise the risk of making the wrong ones, it is vital to take global, and local, trends and future customer needs in consideration to run a successful business.

At SSPA we are no different. We believe in looking ahead and take a peek around the corner.

To continuously function as a bridge between theory and practice, research and implementation, the present and the future we have to be in the forefront, and sometimes even predict the future. So far we have successfully done just that. 

The global trends that SSPA has identified as the ones having an impact on the maritime market today are:

  • a changed market situation and financial turbulence,
  • an increased demand for transparency and
  • an increased climate and environmental understanding.

In this SSPA stands strong offering knowledge as a tool to lead the way forward. We also have a stable global network and an understanding of different markets which makes it possible for us to support the demand for optimisation of an increased transport at sea.