Utilisation of data sources in simulations for the various sources that form the basis of the simulation system.

To gain a deeper understanding

There are multiple reasons for carrying out accident investigations, but the primary reason is often a need to gain a deeper understanding of the course of the events from both a human and technical perspective. From this analysis, conclusions can be made that may result in recommendations for decreasing the risk of a similar accidents occurring.

SSPA regularly conduct accident investigations for our clients, covering a range of accident types and factors such as running aground, collisions, ship stability and seakeeping issues, oil spills and structural issues. SSPA assisted for example, with an investigation of the tragic accident that occurred at the Port of Genoa, Italy in May 2013. A ship backed into a port control tower, causing it to collapse and killing nine people. By simulating the accident and running alternative scenarios, SSPA were able to give our clients thorough understanding of the events as well as important documentation to use in the legal process.