Learning from and assisting actors in developing innovative waterway solutions

SSPA are working with projects on the development of innovative logistics solutions and energy efficient vessel concepts for increased use of sea transportation in general and inland waterway transportation in particular. Within this area, SSPA has a large role in two large collaborative Interreg projects, NÖKS II (ending in June 2018) and IWTS - Inland Waterway Transport Solutions (running until late 2020). 

We are excited to see that actors take important steps towards increased use of waterways. The Swedish Orient Line, SOL, has now launched their ambitions to start a container shuttle between Gothenburg and Lake Vänern in Sweden during the spring. This initiative has been studied in NÖKS II. It is a great example of learning from and assisting actors in developing and implementing new logistics concepts. It is the first inland waterway based container solution for the transport and logistic market in Sweden. Inland waterways are rarely used in Sweden and statistics shows that only 3 per cent of domestic goods are transported by sea, with 0.7 per cent transported on inland waterways. The corresponding percentage for inland waterways in the Netherlands, for example, is 18 per cent. 

In the IWTS-project, we will continue to study inland waterway transport solutions in the Vänern and Göta Älv area, and in particular look into viable business models for innovative logistics solutions with our collaborative Swedish project partners (University of Gothenburg, Avatar Logistics and Seadvise). SSPA aims at involving actors to a large extent in ongoing projects in order to better understand all actors’ views and requirements.

- ”In combination with SSPA’s wide knowledge of shipping, logistics and naval architecture, we believe that our project results can have a great value for actors and contribute to real life changes”, says Vendela Santén, Project Manager at SSPA.

Read more about the container shuttle at www.sollines.se


60 metres long container ship with 80 TEU capacity designed for traffic between Gothenburg Harbour and Vargön near Vänersborg. Illustrations: SSPA



NÖKS II is a three-year EU-funded project (2015–2018) that is part of the Interreg ÖKS (Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak) programme with partners in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The project is coordinated by SSPA and aims to increase the use of sea transport solutions within the region and to contribute to a more environmentally friendly and low-carbon transport system. The project is financed by Interreg, Öresund-Kattegat- Skagerrak, the European Regional Development Fund, Västra Götalandsregionen, Fyrbodal and Region Skåne. Read more at the project website noks2.com


About IWTS 2.0

IWTS 2.0 is a project co-funded by the North Sea Region Programme 2014 - 2020. Inland Waterway Transport (IWT) offers relatively slow, cheap, climate friendly hinterland transport alternatives for commodities transported in large quantities or bulk. Many waterways in Europe remain widely un-/underused in the past decades. By piloting eight small waterway modal shifts, we showcase proven concepts that will be adopted by the market. Read more at the project website www.northsearegion.eu/iwts20