RINA prize

Paper awarded by RINA

The paper “Comparison of modern keel types for sail boats” was published in late 2017. The study systematically evaluated the hydrodynamic performance of different types of bulb keels. Recently, the paper was awarded with two prizes at the Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA) annual meeting. The Institution’s Medal of Distinction and the Austin Farrar Prize.

The authors Kasper Ljungqvist, Michal Orych, Prof. Lars Larsson and PhD Christian Finnsgård were awarded the Institution’s Medal of Distinction and Kasper Ljungqvist was also awarded the Austin Farrar Prize for the same paper, which was considered the best published small craft paper of the year 2017-18 by an author under the age of 35.

- “SSPA and the authors are very glad that papers including yacht design are recognised”, said Kasper Ljungqvist, Naval Architect at SSPA, when he represented the authors at the ceremony.

About the paper

The paper; “Comparison of Modern Keel Types for Sailing Yachts”, was published in Volume 159 Part B2 2017 of the Transactions of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects. Co-authored by Kasper Ljungqvist, and PhD Christian Finnsgård, SSPA Sweden. Michael Orych, FLOWTECH International and Prof. Lars Larsson, Chalmers University of Technology. The paper and the detailed results are available at www.rina.org.uk/IJSCT 

Read more about the paper Comparison of modern keel types for sailing yachts

Photo and illustration

Kasper Ljungqvist received prizes from RINA's President Prof. Richard Birmingham at RINA’s annual meeting at the headquarter in London.
Four different keels were evaluated. Three bulb keels and one standard fin keel as reference. Illustration: SSPA