Port safety manual on LNG bunkering procedures

The Port of Helsinki has recently published a safety manual on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) bunkering procedures. The safety manual has been developed by SSPA in collaboration with the Port of Helsinki and the Finnish authorities. The safety manual outlines the safety regulations and demands that are required for safe handling in LNG bunkering operations, including ship-to-ship (STS) and truck-to-ship (TTS) operations within the operating area of the Port of Helsinki. The manual details the minimum requirements for shipping companies and LNG suppliers that wish to perform LNG bunkering at the port in a clear and practical manner.

LNG is becoming an increasingly popular marine fuel, largely because it is a significantly more environmentally friendly option than traditional diesel or heavy fuel oil. With the expansion of the sulphur emission control area of the Baltic Sea, LNG is becoming an attractive option. It also complies with the restrictions on nitrogen emissions that will enter into force in the Baltic Sea as of the start of 2021.

However, the physical properties of LNG introduce a number of hazards that must be considered. In order to ensure safe LNG bunkering operations, as well as assuring harmonized procedures and regulations, SSPA was assigned by the Port of Helsinki to develop a port specific safety manual on LNG bunkering procedures. 

The safety manual includes a regulatory framework, safety guidance and risk assessments, bunkering procedures and requirements, requirements and procedures for the approval of performing LNG bunker operations within the operating area of the port, emergency procedures and LNG bunkering education and training requirements. The safety manual is valid in combination with the Harbour Regulations and safety directives for the Port of Helsinki.

Safety manual on LNG bunkering.pdf  

International and national laws, regulations, and guidelines must be followed in all operations and the applicable rules and regulations are to be reviewed at regular intervals in order to keep the regulatory framework up-to-date.

- “At SSPA, we continuously update our knowledge through a comprehensive international network and through membership in SGMF (The Society for Gas as a Marine Fuel), through the ESSF (European Sustainable Shipping Forum), IAPH (The International Association of Ports and Harbors), IMO (International Maritime Organization) and other maritime authorities, says Johan Algell, Vice President and Head of SSPA Maritime Operations.

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Different bunkering methods. The illustration is from the safety manual on LNG bunkering procedures, developed by SSPA for the Port of Helsinki. Illustration: SSPA Sweden

The LNG bunkering facilities as illustrated in ISO/TS 18683. Illustration: SSPA Sweden