Seminar - Shipping as a guide towards sustainable transport

In order to reach the national target of fossil free transport by 2030, emissions reduction in the transport sector needs to accelerate on a technical and operational level. Several on-going and ground breaking projects are contributing to the development of different sustainability solutions. On the 15th of June a selection of these will be presented, which a particular focus on the GreenPilot project. Through the conversion of a pilot boat to operate on methanol the GreenPilot project opens up to a more sustainable and competitive coastal and inland transport. 

SSPA is coordinating the SUMMETH project (Sustainable Marine Methanol) which is also focused on developing methanol solutions for smaller vessels. Dr. Joanne Ellis from SSPA will present “Powering cleaner shipping on coastal and inland waterways” with findings from the SUMMETH project

The seminar is arranged by the project partners SSPA Sweden, Swedish Maritime Technology Forum, ScandiNAOS, the Swedish Maritime Administration, the Swedish Transport Administration and Lighthouse. More information on the GreenPilot project can be found at the project website 

Date & Time: 15th June, at 09.00 – 17.00. Lunch is included.
Venue: SSRS facilities, Talattagatan 24, Gothenburg
Language: English.
Final registration: Monday 12th June. Registration

Welcome to an international seminar on the 15th June, presenting the outcome and lessons learned.


Livestream: GreenPilot seminar (link to Bambuser).