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We present results from our work and expertise in our newsletter SSPA Highlights. We want to contribute with new solutions to be able to achieve a long-term sustainable and environmentally friendly society. Our vision is to be recognized as the most rewarding partner for innovative and sustainable maritime development. In this edition, several articles describe different actions that should be possible to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, directly or indirectly.

SSPA have extensive expertise in different areas that will be needed to understand what solutions are available and which will be the optimal and creating long-term value for our customers. We will also look at the entire value chain, from design, construction, operation etc., and combine methods and innovations in new ways in order to achieve the required result. You can read about how SSPA is working towards customers who takes a long-term holistic approach to their maritime systems in the article “Heading towards 2030”, written by our President & CEO.

With IMO’s adopted strategy for cutting greenhouse gas emissions by at least 50 percent in the next thirty years, the international shipping industry is in for some radical changes. SSPA has developed efficient prediction tools for both wind-driven and wind-assisted ships in order to support the development of more sustainable maritime transports. Read about it in the article “A renaissance of wind-powered ships”. You can also read about the interesting research project “GreenPilot” converting a pilot boat to operate on renewable methanol fuel and demonstrating the improvements to environmental and operational performance that can be achieved for this fuel.

SSPA has engaged in various research and development projects using AIS data as its basis, and even offers important and novel commercial tools that function via algorithmic analyses of historical and real-time AIS data. Read about it in the article “The use and usefulness of AIS data”. Find information about “SEAMAN Online”, requested by clients who wanted to provide their staff or students with unlimited access to a manoeuvring training environment. SEAMAN Online is the world’s first web-based professional maritime manoeuvring training simulator, taking availability and flexibility to the next level.

Our experts have developed techniques for analysis of ship hull structural dynamics over several years, i.e. analysing the structural response due to wind and wave loads. We decided to share this information and join forces with several partners to develop knowledge, and a new research project was formed and led by SSPA. Read more about this in the article “Hull structural dynamics”. In the article about “Oil spill risks in Arctic waters” our experts describe risk assessment methodology to estimate credible scenarios for design of adequate response capacity. SSPA has developed a method to provide answers to the questions; where, how often, what type of oil and the size of the oil spills that may be expected. We hope that you find some articles to pique your interest. 

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