Two-way knowledge flow

Knowledge-based organisations like SSPA constantly have to adapt to a changing world. At SSPA, all specialist engineers can be involved in research and development (R&D) in addition to the commercial work. This facilitates a two-way knowledge flow between research and business. The decentralised R&D-organisation does, however, require very clear management with defined goals, roadmaps and prioritisation. Our strategic research plans help us to set the direction and to break down the challenges into manageable goals.

The starting point of the strategic research plan is also the endpoint: “What is our role in the society of the future?” We believe that our fundamental mission will remain unchanged: to act for sustainable maritime development by providing hydrodynamic advice and expertise. Our main contribution in the hydrodynamic field has always been, and will continue to be, to assist the maritime industry with performance assessments at the design stage. Our recommendations are always based on scientific knowledge that is systematically tested and verified. Without accurate and independent evaluation, the ship building industry cannot develop energy-efficient and safe vessels.

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What will be tomorrow’s challenges in the shipping world, and how can SSPA contribute to the solutions? What kind of services will be requested? What tools do we need to develop to meet these demands?