Using a web-based simulation software in education – new paper

Manoeuvring ships in confined waters is a complex issue and requires extensive education, training and practical experience. Together with Chalmers, SSPA has completed a new paper about the use of a web-based simulation software in education. SEAMAN Online™ is a novel ship manoeuvring training tool, allowing the students to practice from their own personal computers. It supports the students in their training and understanding of the complexity of ship behaviour in various manoeuvring conditions.

Using SEAMAN Online, the instructor builds and publishes specific exercises which the students can access by logging in to their account from any computer connected to the internet at any time. After having completed an exercise, students can replay the simulation on an evaluation page where all important manoeuvring data are presented in a graphical and numerical format. 

There are several areas in ship handling where SEAMAN Online may not only support the student in their training and understanding of the complexity of ship behaviour in various manoeuvring conditions but also their analytical skills. These areas may be categorized into applied hydrodynamics, ship handling using tugs and repetitive training in berthing/un-berthing manoeuvres. On a general level, Seaman Online was perceived by the students as a useful complement to the desktop and bridge simulators.

The paper was presented by one of the co-authors, Fredrik Olindersson, at the IAMU (International Association of Maritime Universities) Conference in Tokyo, Japan, on 30 October - 1 November. The IAMU Conference provides academic staff of member universities with an opportunity to present the outcomes of their academic/scientific research to the IAMU community. Fredrik Olindersson is Head of Division Maritime Studies at the Department of Mechanics and Maritime Sciences, Chalmers University of Technology.

Title: Using a web-based simulation software in education. Available for download on the IAMU Conference webpage.
Authors: R. Weber (Chalmers University of Technology), F. Olindersson (Chalmers University of Technology) and F. Olsson (SSPA Sweden AB)


Abstract: IAMUC2019 Conference Book

Full paper: IAMUC2019 Proceedings


Running a berthing exercise with tugs in SEAMAN Online.


A related academic paper published prior to this conference was Testing proof of concept of a web-based ship manoeuvring training tool in the classroom by Costa, Weber, Olsson, and Algell (2019).