Utilise the waterways with a floating recycling centre

DenCity is a Swedish research project that develops innovative solutions for sustainable and highly efficient passenger and freight transport in densely populated cities. It is a collaborative project between industry, academia and society in three phases. One pilot in this project has been to design a barge as a floating recycling centre. In autumn 2019, the first trial was performed on the river in central Gothenburg. During a seven weeks period, more than 2,500 people visited the floating recycling centre. It was great interest for this service, and it has already been decided that the barge will continue to run for another test period later in 2020. Maybe it will become a permanent part of the city recycling system.

The river in Gothenburg is centrally located and easily accessible and can effectively relieve the pressure on the road network. People living in the city can get rid of their items by using the waterways, visiting the barge, instead of transportation by car to the regular recycling centre outside city centre. 

When a city uses a recycling barge, can it significantly reduce congestion on the roads?

- “If the usage proves to be as frequent over a full year as it was during our trial period, which was 2,500 people using the service over a seven week period, the number of trips by car in and around the city can be reduced by 17,500, which of course has a positive impact on the environment,” says Martin Svanberg, researcher at SSPA

The results from the customer survey for the trial run in Gothenburg revealed that customer satisfaction was on average 4.5 out of 5, which indicates that visitors were in favour of the concept and wanted to continue using the barge if it were made a permanent feature.

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