Flow visualisation at the stern of a twin-screw vessel

Virtual Captive Tests on NuTTS 2017

The 20th Numerical Towing Tank Symposium (NuTTS 2017) successfully ended on 3 October in Wageningen, the Netherlands. This two-day’s symposium attracts experts, researchers and young Ph.D. students all over the world to meet together to disseminate the latest results, work in progress as well as encountered challenges. Two experts from SSPA participated with their knowledge on hydrodynamics and the new tool Virtual Captive Tests (VCT).

Martin Alexandersson and Burak Korkmaz presented their RnD work on Virtual Captive Tests and demonstrated how the results compare to captive model tests and free sailing model tests. The Virtual Captive Tests tool combines Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and manoeuvering simulations in a new way and that makes it possible for SSPA to offer manoeuvring predictions at an early stage with much higher accuracy than before. By detecting and solving any manoeuvring issues before too much effort have been spent optimising the hull and rudder, the designer can save both time and money. Virtual Captive Tests is now a tool in SSPA’s manoeuvring toolbox.

- “We believe that this approach will lead to safer, better and more sustainable ship design”, says Martin Alexandersson, Project Manager at SSPA.

Presentation from NuTTS 20, 2017, for download: 
Virtual Captive Tests with a destroyer hull form.
Alexandersson M., Korkmaz K.B., Mazza G., 2017, SSPA Sweden AB, Gothenburg, Sweden.