Model manufacturing

We have facilities for designing, building and outfitting of models for all kinds of model tests. Our procedures for manufacturing and tests follows SSPA Quality System and ITTC Quality Manual. This includes milling machines for hulls and propellers, paint box, a team of measurement engineers and a workshop for the assembly of hulls, propellers, rudders and other appendages as well as propulsion motors and measurement systems.

The superb flexibility of SSPA’s milling system for large objects makes it one of the best systems for manufacturing ship models, moulds, and patterns. Unique programming with effective handling of various process tools enables the production of the most demanding shapes. The SSPA robot milling system can be used for model and prototyping for any object up to a length of 12 metres, height of 2.5 metres and beam of 2.5 metres.

For propeller manufacturing a 5-axis CNC milling machine is used. With the 5 axis technique propeller can be milled with high accuracy. Propellers are made of bronze. 

Hull models are manufactured in a foam plastic material to ensure a stable hull form over time and with varying temperatures and humidity.

Propellers and models are laser measured on a regularly basis to ensure high accuracy, in accordance with ITTC tolerances.