Stakeholder interests

SSPA creates benefits for our stakeholders through sustainable, innovative and world leading maritime solutions. In a broad perspective, as our clients are shipowners, yards and ports as well as authorities, defense and cities, our stakeholders can be found all over the community. Our business and conduct affect not only the business and sustainability of our clients, but also the whole of the maritime infrastructure and have an environmental and safety impact on a wide scale.

This is the world of SSPA:


The Foundation Chalmers University of Technology is the owner of SSPA. In its interest, our company needs to make a profit and grow by providing sustainable maritime solutions. The profit that goes back to our owners is reinvested in research and education, for the benefit of the whole of our industry. Our close connection with the academic world places us at the core of the very latest research, making us the bridge between theory and practice, research and innovation implementation in the industry.


Among our customers are shipbuilders and owners, ports, transport companies, yards, authorities and communities. We believe that long-term relationships, in combination with a high level of integrity, are the most solid foundation for gaining clients’ trust. Our customers must be able to freely and confidently realise their visions with us.

Partners and suppliers

Long-term relationships also apply to our partners and suppliers. It’s necessary for our partners to maintain the same standards and high integrity as SSPA, in order to provide our clients with high quality solutions and unbiased expertise. We care about who we cooperate with.


Our employees are our most valuable asset. This may be a common statement, made by most companies. However, as knowledge, long-term relationships and integrity are the basis of our business, we are depending on the performance of every staff member. We believe in caring for every one of our employees – their uniqueness, competence and commitment are crucial and indispensable for us.

The community

Our company, our staff and our clients are important parts of the community. The many different industries we represent have a big impact on all maritime conduct and infrastructure worldwide. Consequently, we see the community as a whole as our stakeholder. Our contribution is being an honest, reliable citizen and employer, providing solutions that are sustainable technically as well as financially and environmentally.