Our test facilities

Physical model testing will continue to be an important tool in the process of developing ships and assessing their performance. SSPA has the capability to perform most kinds of model testing in its facilities: the towing tank, the large cavitation tunnel, the seakeeping and manoeuvring basin and combine with computer tests.

All test facilities at SSPA are designed for performing tests with large models, which have many advantages, given that scale effects are reduced and more reliable measurements can be performed. As a complement, methods for performing field (outdoor) model testing with fully equipped models have been developed at SSPA and can be used on a routine basis.

SSPA has, as part of maintaining a high quality in its services, applied for and been accepted as an Accredited Laboratory for performing resistance, self propulsion, and open water tests in the towing tank. Accreditation has been obtained from SWEDAC, the Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment, and is audited annually. The accreditation means that the tests performed according to the accredited method have high standards as regards test procedures, the execution of tests, measurement quality and reliability. The accredited method will also serve as a benchmark for all tests performed at SSPA. The test procedures used are in accordance, as applicable, with the ITTC Recommended Procedures.

You will aslo find descriptions of some of the calculations and methods used at SSPA and how we work towards delivering the cost effective solutions that our clients around the world are looking for.