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Test facilities

Physical model testing continues to be an important tool in the process of developing ships and assessing their performance. All test facilities at SSPA Maritime Center are designed for performing tests with large models, which means that scale effects are reduced and more reliable measurements can be performed. As a complement, methods for performing field (outdoor) model testing with fully equipped models have been developed at SSPA Maritime Center and can be used on a routine basis.

SSPA  Towing tank

SSPA towing tank

The towing tank has many applications, primarily concerning hull and propeller form optimisation for all kinds of ships or energy saving devices with respect to resistance/ propulsion. A database containing over 8,000 ship hull forms provides the basis for the result analysis.
Cav test
Cavitation tank kavhall view

SSPA cavitation tunnel

When performing cavitation studies for ships, the complete ship models can be installed in SSPAs cavitation tunnel, which provides a very good representation of the wake field.

SSPA Maritime Dynamics Laboratory

The Maritime Dynamics Laboratory (MDL) is one of the world's largest wave laboratories, 88 x 39 meters with a depth of 3.5 meters. It is used for tests of how different types of vessels behave in varying wind and wave conditions. The model tests are of great importance for the development of new vessels.
Model manufacturing

SSPA model manufacturing

Our facilities for designing, building and outfitting of models for all kinds of model tests include milling machines for hulls and propellers, paint box, a team of measurement engineers and a workshop for the assembly of hulls, propellers, rudders and other appendages as well as propulsion motors and measurement systems.

SSPA SEAMAN simulations

For each simulation assignment, SSPA communicates with the customer to ensure that the simulation has the right level of detail with regard to both accuracy and cost efficiency. To reach the proper level there are a number of areas that SSPA will tailor to the customer's needs: Ship Dynamics, Modelling, Instrumentation, Visualisation and Analysis.
Erland Wilse 360 simulator

SSPA 360 simulator

Simulations is an efficient tool for maritime infrastructure development projects. The output will directly support clients in their decisions of alternative layouts of ports, fairways and terminals. We have decades of experience and records supporting clients world wide.